Rotisserie Rental Service in Wilton and Washburn, ND

BLITZKRIEG BLASTING is excited to announce the addition of a rotisserie rental service. If you have a vehicle project and need a rotisserie but don't want to buy one, I have one for rent. You can give me a call, text, message, or email to schedule your rental.

Thinking about painting your own vehicle?

Don't let the high cost of buying a car rotisserie hold you back. Take advantage of BLITZKRIEG BLASTING's car rotisserie rental service if you want to...

  • Paint your own car: Do a DIY paint job with high-end equipment.
  • Repair rust damage: Restore your classic car like a professional.
  • Start a new project: See if you're on the right track before you invest.

Call 701-400-2258 now to set up a car rotisserie rental in Wilton or Washburn, ND.